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Climate Change Adaptation Strategy For The Nam Ngum River Basin, Laos

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Jagath Kaluarachchi (Logan, USA), Dumindu Jayasekera

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Keyword(s): Sub-theme 17: Climate change, impacts and adaptation,

The Nam Ngum River Basin (NNRB) of Laos is expected to undergo rapid economic development and population growth in the coming decades since it has a high potential for hydropower generation for income growth. This study assesses the hydrological and human influence impacts under climate change and explores potential adaptation measures to minimize negative consequences. Using the third generation coupled general circulation model (CGCM3.1 T63) and A2 emission scenario, the trends of rainfall, potential evapotranspiration (PET), and streamflow changes were investigated using the seasonal Mann-Kendall Trend test. The results showed high upward rates of change of PET compared to the upward trends of rainfall for almost all watersheds under the status-quo. Streamflows showed downward trends in north, central, and southern parts of the basin in the latter half of the century. With the proposed climate change adaptation measures to improve water productivity with improved irrigation practices and reduced water conveyance losses, streamflows produced an increasing trend compared to the status-quo and reduced water shortages while improving sustainability in both agricultural and domestic water use sectors. This work considered five priority water allocation scenarios. As a result of the proposed climate change adaptation measures, total hydro power generation increased in all scenarios for both future time periods. The results showed the possibility of maintaining sustainability in the 21st century by implementing adaptation strategies to improve water productivity under climate change for all allocation scenarios. Jayasekera, D. (2014) IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON WATER RESOURCES AND CORRESPONDING ADAPTATION STRATEGIES OF THE NAM NGUM RIVER BASIN, LAOS, PhD Dissertation, Utah State University.

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