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Sources Of Non-conventional Water

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed (Giza, Egypt), Manal Mohamed Ahmed Manal

Manal Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed (Giza, Egypt), Manal Mohamed Ahmed Manal
Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 1: Water supply and demand,

Sources of non-conventional water Water sources non Traditional water backbone for the continuation of life on the Earth's surface , but looking to the reality of water finds that the potable water are depleted gradually by the use of non- sustainable sources of traditional water Kalkhzan groundwater and other springs and lakes, on the other hand suffer these sources of lack of quality due to exposure to pollutants which is reached only by human activities . Resort many Arab countries that suffer severe shortages of potable water to move toward the use of alternative sources for the aquifer known as the sources of non-conventional , and is considered desalination of sea water a most important of these sources because of the abundance and accessibility , we find , for example, that Saudi Arabia has the bulk of its reliance on desalination sea water as a major source of drinking water , but the desalination process is subject to several measures by which drain huge amounts of energy and other chemicals used in the processing and include such measures on several important milestones After pumping sea water to the treatment plants are injected water chlorinated working the oxidation of organic matter and bacterial and then transported water treatment stages more advanced from which to get rid of suspended solids like sand , gravel and algae , then the movement of the water phase core of disarmament dissolved salts what is known as TDS and up the concentration of these salts to almost 40 g / L or increases , and is the process of disarmament salts through the use of filters allow the passage of sea water through the entrances of certain these water compressed with a high degree of process begins spar reverse through which are separated by salt water so graduated salts with a certain amount of water Vtdfa the focus is disposed of during the re- pumped seawater In contrast graduated desalinated water with a concentration limit for human use , and studies indicate that the concentration of dissolved salts limit for drinking must be less than 0.5 g / L. And the problems of the desalination plants mentioned Dr. Malik Abdel-Alim specialist chemical engineering at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia that one of the main problems lie in the low efficiency of filters used in the process of Tzaa salts and this happens as a result of a clear entry and adhesion some suspended solids , as well as calcium salts and magnesium to these filters which operate on the closure and the lack of permeability as well as the types of bacteria may not oxidized in the early stages in the treatment process which leads to entry into these filters and then begin to configure a thin layer known as Bio film, and according to the study published by Dr. Malik that treatment plants located in Saudi Arabia need extra amounts of energy in order to be rid of this problem in ways that mechanical and hence the amount of extra fuel up to 15 % . Finally, the treatment process may be complex and very expensive for many of the countries that suffer economic problems, so it should maintain the traditional water sources instead of draining and wasted random ways , which brings us to the aquatic life is complex and difficult. Science magazine

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