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Assessment of seasonal variations in surface water quality from Mid- Black Sea Region, Turkey

Congress: 2008

Keyword(s): Keywords: Surface water quality, Physical and chemical properties, Seasonal variation
AbstractABSTRACT Pollution of surface water with toxic chemicals and eutrophication of rivers and springs with excess nutrients are of great environmental concern worldwide. Assessment of seasonal changes in surface water quality is an important aspect for evaluating temporal variations of river pollution due to natural or anthropogenic inputs of point and non-point sources. Recently, the increased needs for supplies in Turkey, as well as in other countries, have necessitated a better understanding of water quality, so that it has become imperative to monitor water quality systematically by means of an objective- based network. Thus, with respect to environmental pollution control, determination of sudden and continuous change in surface water quality and further, the delineation of natural and/or man-made impacts which underlie such changes require the establishment of a systematically operating monitoring network. In Mid-Black Sea Region, pollution poses the greater threat. Contaminants which threaten peopleís health have been found in many of the regionís important groundwater reservoirs. Water is the single most important nutrient for sustaining human life. In this study, 5 surface water samples which are collected from Mid-Black Sea Region have been analyzed. These samples are taken from Amasya, Ordu, Samsun and Sinop. Physical and chemical properties of above mentioned surface waters are determined. Measured parameters are turbidity, color, pH, electric conductivity, total alkalinity, carbonates, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, sulphate, nitrite, ammonium and organic materials. Results had been evaluated according to TS 266 (2005).
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