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Community-Based Flood Hazard Mapping in Developing Countries, A Prospect for Effective Flood Disaster Mitigation

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Shigenobu Tanaka, Toshikazu Tokioka
Research Engineer

Keyword(s): Flood, Hazard Map, Developing Countries, Community Based Development
AbstractFlood Hazard Map (FHM) especially prepared to facilitate smooth evacuation of people and portable goods during flood crisis has been found very effective in some parts of the world. This tool is also introduced in developing countries; however there is not much overwhelming response to its implementation and effectiveness. In the context of promoting community based disaster management, FHM can play a vital role and research & development should highlight its added values and propose a way forward of its adaptation in such scenarios. This paper describes the major causes of massive destructions due to floods in developing countries and elaborates the usefulness of Flood Hazard Map under the framework of community based flood management, introducing a new semi-scientific approach of flood hazard mapping and its application. A case of Bagmati river basin in Nepal is illustrated with its historical records and existing socio- economic and vulnerability scenarios. It is hoped that the idea is beneficial and catalyst to promote community’s response for flood disaster management in developing countries, therefore helps agencies to develop operational strategy in advance. 
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