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Congress: 2008
Author(s): Dr. Z.Yousefi

Keyword(s): surface water management,Haraz River, water quality
AbstractThe demands for the fresh water are increasing rapidly requiring holistic management of fresh water as a finite and vulnerable source. As we have already approached the 21st Century, there is a growing need for management and utilization of natural resources for its optimal beneficial use with the concurrent technologies. Thus knowledge about water quality of the rivers for the effective management has become most interest aspect. Haraz is a basic river in northern Iran that flows northward from foot of Mount Damavand toward the Caspian Sea. . In this study in addition of all aspects of river management, selected 8 stations in different status of the river depend to the entering of pollutant and industrial and commercial units and the crowded population in the river bank. From these stations had taken more than 120 samples to analysis. Microbiologic, physico-chemical, heavy metal, plankton, and benthos analysis performed as standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. The results analyzed statistically and used for this river GIS program.
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