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Author(s): (Surface water management)
Congress: 2008
Author(s): Dr E. Jokar, Dr V. Gholami
All of the Authors are the Academic Member of the university Dr Z.Yousefi is the Assis Prof. of the Faculty of Healthe in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences Dr. E. Jokar and Dr. V. Gholami are the Academic Member of the university of Mazandaran

Keyword(s): Water resource managenent, Haraz river modeling, monitoring system.
AbstractWater is the key element in social and economic development of the country, which is becoming a scares resource due to over-increasing demands of the growing population, Agriculture, Hydropower and Industrial Users. Thus water resource management and monitoring of the rivers for the effective management and planning in the water section has become most predominant aspect. Haraz is a river in northern Iran that flows northward from foot of Mount Damavand across Larijan, through Amol city, and finally to the Caspian Sea between Mahmood Abad and Fereydoon Kenar. Its valley is one of few to cut through Alborz. GIS is a computer based data processing tool used to map, manage, analyze, display, and model spatial information. The GIS technique is comprised of several layers that contain the initial dataset at a 1:50000 scale. The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for the study area was constructed using the Iranian National Geographical Organization topographic maps at 1:50000 scale. In this study a modeling program constructed to finding of appropriate location of industrial area in the riversides. Input Data of the Model was Environmental criteria for location of industrial units by environmental protection organization in Iran. Output Data of the model is display maps of river with location of industrial section potentials. Different thematic layers in this process are the river quality analysis in different sampling sites, commercial and industrial sites in the river bank, wells and spring locations, pollutant sites in the bank of river, Aquacultures of the riverside, geological, landscape, household area deposits and the slopes. Key word: Haraz river, environment modeling, monitoring system.
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