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Integrated Water Resources Management and Access to Water Projects could be better co-ordonnated or How to link Centralised Co-operation and NGOs projects?

Congress: 2008

Keyword(s): co-ordination, local authorities, field reality, projects evaluation
AbstractBased on my experience of project management at UNESCO for the Lake Chad Basin Commission, for the European Union and Asian co-operation on river basin end environmental management, decentralised co-operation in Niger and of INGOs for improving access to water in Sierra Leone, this presentation will outline the complementary actions of these different organisations related to the study, use and management of water resources. In Sierra Leone, the second least developed countries of the United Nations, an INGO implemented a project to improve water access in rural areas concentrating on the quality of infrastructure and hygiene promotion messages but not calling for support by bilateral or multilateral co-operation to accompany the reform and decentralisation of the water sector at local authorities level. These authorities as well as the local water company were lost in re-organising the water sector; they wanted to co-ordinate the other stakeholders without giving up some of their non-core activities. The reality was also more limitating as some offices are not supplied with electricity nor can use computers while the INGOs develop electronic database to manage their infrastructure… Morevover, the presentation will highlight the remaining gaps existing between the numerous non co-ordinated actions and networks that are implementing water-related projects independantly, losing a lot of efficiency whilst competing for increasing each one visibility. The need for a more co-ordinated frame and an independent competent evaluation body to ensure quality and sustainability of implemented projects is noted.
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