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Congress: 2008
N.Natarajan,Student,M.E,Irrigation water management C.Sivapragasam, Associate Professor N.K.Ambujam,Professor

Keyword(s): Genetic Algorithm, ANN, Irrigation planning, decision making
Abstract This study facilitates decision making in optimum supply of water to the crops and the minimum area that can be cultivated for the crops grown in the command area. This enhances the farmers in planning in advance on the nature of crops to be grown as water inflow into the reservoir is stochastic .The inflow into the reservoir is predicted using Artificial neural networks(ANN)for the period before the release of water in the canals so that planning activity can be started well ahead of the cropping period by the farmers. This study provides a scientific basis for decision making and thus ensures profit maximization for the farmers.The objective has been achieved using the artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.AI techniques nowadays play a vital role in the field of irrigation.One among them is the application of Genetic Algorithms(GA) for irrigation planning. The GA technique is used to evolve efficient cropping pattern for maximizing benefits for Sathanur command area situated in TamilNadu . Constriants for optimization in GA include continuity equation, land and water requirements and restrictions on storage. For fixing GA parameters the model is run for various values of population, generations, cross over and mutation probabilities.GA is found to be an effective optimization tool for irrigation planning and the results obtained can be utilized for efficient planning of any irrigation system.Thus the decision making tool aids the farmers in their planning process during periods of certain and uncertain flow. Key words:Genetic Algorithm, ANN, Irrigation planning, decision making
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