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Legislation and Governance for Water Resources Planning and Management

Author(s): Improving Legal Frameworks
Congress: 2008
(1)Mr.Devendra Fadnavis, MLA and Member , GFDM, Nagpur,India;(2) Dr.A.G.Bhole,President ,ISDR,India;(3)Prof.N.K.Choudhari,GFDM,India

Keyword(s): Legal frameworks, Water governance,Watel legislatation, Water management, Disaster management
AbstractThe Global Forum for Disaster Management, GFDM , a global initiative on river and flood management was inaugurated . during the fourth World Water Forum at Mexico .In recent past the communities around the world witnessed number of river and water disasters like river floods, Tsunami, earthquakes , cyclones , hurricanes etc .To mitigate the impacts of river floods and other disasters in river catchments effective legislation and governance is required . Several NGO's around the world played an important role in provision of immediate rehabilitation for the victims in the river catchments. Recognizing the social responsibility, ISDR along with other government and intergovernmental organizations has provided immediate rehabilitation measures for tsunami- and flood affected people in country . For life to return to normal in the river catchments for the flood- affected population, systematic-scientific and technology-based efforts are needed. Also rehabilitation work should focused on cost-effective methods for river rehabilitations. This global forum for disaster management will examine, among other items, the legislation required for the mitigation of river disasters, water reforms through river governance , the relation between the socio-economic dimension and scientific and technological methods and relevance to early rehabilitation programme in various parts of the world .ISDR along with Muktainagar-Taluka Education society , Open University geological society, Switzerland has accepted the responsibility of providing necessary infrastructure and Institutional help for Global forum for disaster management for conducting research and development and work related to natural disaster management in the river catchments such as social ,economical and agriculture rehabilitation. This presentation is based on the lesson learned from the GFDM - disaster management and mitigation of river disasters through effective legislations for river water management in the Asia - Pacific region through the NGOs and academic and research institutions for social and ecological management during post disaster period .This paper focuses on the river water reforms for social ,cultural and agricultural dimensions for river palnning and management integrated alongwith coastal zone management and human use of rivers and oceans including Surface and ground water along rivers with special reference to drought prone regions and their utility quality, policy and management and issues with reference to river aquaculture and its impacts on the global environment .The paper also deals with the GFDM's efforts on management of rivers for economic opportunities on upstream and downstreame region for socio-economic development of the population in the river catchment through river governance .
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