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The Social Aspects of Water : Integrating Human Dimensions for river planning and management.

Author(s): river Planning And management
Congress: 2008
(1)Prof.Narendra Kumar Choudhary,GFDM,Mumbai,India;(2)Prof.S.P.yavalkar,Member,ISDR,India;(3)Dr.A.V.Parwate, AVCCE,India.; (4)Dr.Lalit P.Chaudhari ,ISDR,India .

Keyword(s): Social aspects of water,Human dimensons,river planning ,aquaculture, water conservation
AbstractRiver planning and management is essential for the water resources development and management for regions to mitigate the impacts of surfacewater and groundwater interactions on the the agriculture and aquaculture sectors. The aquaculture sector is gaining importance in Global Economy. Aquaculture has emerged as one of the most promising industries in the world with considerable growth potential and it is expected to contribute about a quarter to the global fishery harvest by year 2000. Availability of river water is a constraint in a non-irrigated agriculture system in coastal regiob . Aqua farming has a multidimensional context in perspective agricultural growth in the river catchments . It is tool for utilizing land and water (Ground- surface, river, lakes and reservoirs ) more economically and optimally to increase productivity, of both, land and water, through sustainable agriculture for global food security. The countries in the Asia-Pacific region have vast and varied aqua farming resources Often these are the main source of surface as well as ground water irrigation in this region . Overuse of groundwater, quality and catchments characteristics along drought prone regions causes long term impacts on environment and diverse problems in many countries reducing the cultivable area resulting in reduction in agricultural and aquaculture production in global economy. This paper focuses on the social dimensions for river palnning and management integrated alongwith watershed management and human use of rivers ,surface and ground water resources with special reference to drought prone regions and their interrelationships quality, policy and management and issues with reference to river aquaculture and its impacts on the global environment .The paper also deals with the management of rivers for aquaculture sector in river basin for socio-economic development of the population in the river watershed .
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