Best Paper Award

The wining papers are selected from all papers published in the last three volumes of the IWRA official journal, Water International (WI). Nomination is made by a jury of the Editorial Board of WIn and vetted through the Awards Committee of IWRA.

2012, 2013 Best Paper awardees during the gala dinner of the XVth World Water Congress in Edinburgh, on Thursday 28 May 2015



Please note that Best Paper articles since 2005 are free to access for non-members.

2014:  Marian J. Neal (Patrick) for the article The cycles and spirals of justice in water-allocation decision making.

An honourable mention is awarded to Katie M. Meehan and Anna W. Moore for Downspout politics, upstream conflict: formalizing rainwater harvesting in the United States.


2013:  Two awardees:

Two honourable mentions were awarded:


2012: Suvi Sojamo, Martin Keulertz, Jeroen Warner and John Anthony (Tony) Allan for the article "Virtual water hegemony: the role of agribusiness in global water governance" (in Water International, volume 37, issue 2, 2012)

Two papers deserved honourable mention:


2011: There are two winners for 2011:

An honourable mention is awarded to Andrea K. Gerlak, Robert G. Varady et al. for Hydrosolidarity and beyond: can ethics and equity find a place in today's water resource management?


2010: James C. Bathurst, Jaime Amezaga, Felipe Cisneros, Marcelo Gaviño Novillo, Andrés Iroumé, Mario A. Lenzi, Juan Mintegui Aguirre, Miriam Miranda and Adriana Urciuolo for the article: "Forests and floods in Latin America: science, management, policy and the EPIC FORCE project" (in Water international, Volume 35, Issue 2).

2009: Simon E. Cook, Myles J. Fisher, Meike S. Andersson, Jorge Rubiano and Mark Giordano for the article: "Water, food and livelihoods in river basins" (in Water international, Volume 34, Issue 1).

2008: Neil S. Grigg for the article: "Integrated water resources management: balancing views and improving practice" (in Water international, Volume 33, Issue 3).


2007: two recipients were awarded:

2006: B. Swallow, N. Johnson, R. Meinzen-Dick, A. Knoxfor for the article: "The Challenges of Inclusive Cross-Scale Collective Action in Watersheds" (in Water international, Volume 31, Issue 3).


2005: C. Sadoff and D. Grey for the article: "Cooperation on International Rivers: A Continuum for Securing and Sharing Benefits" (in Water international, Volume 30, Issue 4).


2004: Vladimir Smakhtin, Carmen Revenga and Petra Döll for the article: "A pilot global assessment of environmental water requirements and scarcity" (in Water international, Volume 29, Issue 3).


2003: Salman M.A. Salman for the article in two parts: "From Marrakesh through The Hague to Kyoto: Has the global debate on water reached a dead end?". Part One in Water international, Volume 28, Issue 4 and Part Two in Water international, Volume 29, Issue 1.


2002: Ximing Cai and Mark W. Rosegrant for the article in two parts: "Global water demand and supply projections", Part One: "A Modeling Approach" and Part Two: "Results and Prospects to 2025" in Water international, Volume 27, Issue 2.

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