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UNESCO International Conference on Transboundary Aquifers: Challenges and New Directions (ISARM2010)

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The International Conference ISARM 201 0 (International Shared Aquifer Resources Management), co-convened with IAH and the UNEP, will be held 6-8 December 201 0, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

This event marks the end of the first phase of the UNESCO-IHP ISARM Project (2000-2008) and the start of its second phase. The Conference will give the opportunity to present the status of the inventory of the transboundary aquifers of the world undertaken under the IHP-VI programme (2000-2007).

It will bring together leading international transboundary aquifer management experts to discuss new concepts, approaches and technologies for dealing with transboundary aquifer problems under various settings, covering both developed
and developing countries. Exchange of ideas should provide indications for new directions in transboundary aquifer management, as well as drawing recommendations for the formulation of new policies and implementation elements suchs guidelines and educational tools.

The Conference will also include a High level Panel that will present the UN General Assembly resolution (A/RES/63/1 24) on the “Law of transboundary aquifers” and will discuss the steps to be taken from the adoption of such policies to their implementation into practical operational actions.

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