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7th World Water Forum Update: 13 April

Posted: 2015-04-13  Type: News


IWRA is excited to kick off the 7th World Water Forum at the EXCO venue in Daegu, Republic of Korea! Today marked the beginning of the processes sessions as we prepare to make our contribution to the forum.  
Earlier, IWRA participated in the session, "Principles on Water Governance: from Vision to Action" led by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).  

The OECD is developing Principles on Water Governance to help governments navigate the tenets of good public policy on water, and distil what they need for their own challenges. The new principles will promote efficiency and effectiveness in water management and outcomes, and for that, trust and engagement are key. 

The Principles are based around the following aspects:

1. Multi-level governance
2. Managing water at the right scale
3. Policy Coherence
4. Capacity
5. Data and Information
6. Governance-Financing nexus
7. Regulatory Frameworks
8. Governance and innovation
9. Integrity and transparency
10. Stakeholder Engagement
11. Equity across users, people and places
12. Monitoring and evaluation

To read more about Principles on Water Governance: from Vision to Action, visit the OECD website here.

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