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Hori Fund Grants for Scholars from Low-Income Countries

Posted: 2012-10-19  Type: News

The Toyoko and Hiroshi Hori Education Fund provides support for IWRA memberships for promising scholars from developing economies.    

Criteria for awardees are that they (a) have a clear financial need; (b) are from the UNDP list of developing countries; (c) are from countries or regions that are significantly underrepresented in IWRA membership; and (d) demonstrate a potential to serve IWRA, in particular to increase membership and activities in their country or region.
Grants for memberships, including subscriptions to Water International, are for one year, renewable up to a maximum of three years.
Current members of the IWRA are invited and encouraged to recommend candidates, using the form available here.  Inquiries should be directed to IWRA Executive Director Tom Soo (
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