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Vol. 39 No.5

Posted: 2011-11-25  Type: Publication

Water International
Volume 39 - Issue 5, September 2014


A long-term view of water consumption in Barcelona (1860–2011): from deprivation to abundance and eco-efficiency?
Joan Ramon Ostos & Enric Tello
pages 587-605

Subsidizing the sustainability of rural water supply: the experience of the Brazilian rural rainwater-harvesting programme
Uende A. F. Gomes, Léo Heller, Sandy Cairncross, Laia Domenèch & João L. Pena
pages 606-619

Irrigation infrastructure development in the Limarí Basin in Central Chile: implications for adaptation to climate variability and climate change
S. Vicuna, P. Alvarez, O. Melo, L. Dale & F. Meza
pages 620-634

Towards sustainable irrigated Mediterranean agriculture: implications for water conservation in semi-arid environments
Iván Francisco García-Tejero, Víctor Hugo Durán-Zuazo & José Luis Muriel-Fernández
pages 635-648

Are hydropower and irrigation development complements or substitutes? The example of the Nam Ngum River in the Mekong Basin
G. Lacombe, S. Douangsavanh, J. Baker, C.T. Hoanh, R. Bartlett, M. Jeuland & C. Phongpachith
pages 649-670

The political economy of metering agricultural tube wells in West Bengal, India
Aditi Mukherji & Arijit Das
pages 671-685

Let’s bring in the floods: de-poldering in the Netherlands as a strategy for long-term delta survival?
Martijn F. van Staveren, Jeroen F. Warner, Jan P.M. van Tatenhove & Philippus Wester
pages 686-700

Special section: ’The China Water Papers’ – transboundary water cooperation in Asia with a focus on China: Editorial

Introduction to ‘The China Water Papers’ – transboundary water cooperation in Asia with a focus on China
Patricia Wouters & Huiping Chen
pages 701-704

Special section: ’The China Water Papers’ – transboundary water cooperation in Asia with a focus on China

Contemporary legal analysis of China’s transboundary water regimes: international law in practice
Yu Su
pages 705-724

Ten building blocks for sustainable water governance: an integrated method to assess the governance of water
Marleen van Rijswick, Jurian Edelenbos, Petra Hellegers, Matthijs Kok & Stefan Kuks
pages 725-742

Transboundary water law and vulnerable people: legal interpretations of the ‘equitable use’ principle
Karina Vink
pages 743-754

Exploring China’s approach to implementing ‘eco-compensation’ schemes: the Lake Tai watershed as case study considered through a legal lens
Liping Dai
pages 755-773


An exchange between Ben Crow and Yoram Eckstein on the global water crisis
pages 774-784

Best Paper Awards

Water International Best Paper 2013 Awards
pages 785-788


page 789

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