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Vol.36 No.6

Posted: 2011-11-07  Type: Publication

Water International October 2011 Issue IWRA
Water for agriculture: challenges and opportunities in a war zone
John W. Groninger & Richard J. Lasko
pages 693-707

Household bottled water consumption in Phoenix: a lifestyle choice

Abigail M. York, Allain Barnett, Amber Wutich & Beatrice I. Crona
pages 708-718

Calibrating DRASTIC using field measurements, sensitivity analysis and statistical methods to assess groundwater vulnerability
Saman Javadi, Neda Kavehkar, Kourosh Mohammadi, Ahmad Khodadadi & Rene Kahawita
pages 719-732

Jakarta flooding: systems study of socio-technical forces
Emma Akmalah & Neil S. Grigg
pages 733-747

Enhancing water security in Saskatchewan, Canada: an opportunity for a water soft path
Robert J. Patrick
pages 748-763

Conference Report
Governance in urban water quality and water disasters: a focus on Asia
Cecilia Tortajada & Shahnila Islam
pages 764-766
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