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Vol.37 No.6

Posted: 2011-07-01  Type: Publication

Water International


Water International Volume 37, Issue 6, 2012
Special Issue: THE FUTURE OF ADAPTIVE WATER MANAGEMENT: LAW AND GOVERNANCE: Select papers from the XIV World Water Congress
The future of adaptive water management: law and governance
Stefano Burchi, Ariella D'Andrea, Gabriel Eckstein & Marcella Nanni
pages 611-612
A comparative review of contemporary water resources legislation: trends, developments and an agenda for reform (article in free-access)
Stefano Burchi
pages 613-627
Legislation as a tool in support of adaptive water management in response to climate change
Marcella Nanni
pages 628-639
The right to water in a transboundary context: emergence of seminal trends
Christina Leb
pages 640-653
The human right to water as a creature of global administrative law
Owen McIntyre
pages 654-669
Are we killing the rain? Meditations on the water cycle and, more particularly, on bioprecipitation
Jane Maslow Cohen
pages 670-682
Legal pluralism and customary water resources management in Guatemala
Ariella D'Andrea
pages 683-699
Why the Western United States' prior appropriation water rights system should weather climate variability
Jonathan R. Schutz
pages 700-707
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